Pride in myself meme.

This is a student blogging challenge that you have to describe on thing that you have done that makes you glow with pride. Here’s a link to the blogging challenge.

One thing that i have done that makes me glow with pride, is that last summer i had 275 strikeouts in the whole season. I play for an organization called Golden Girls. This is my fourth year playing, and i love the sport. (: Ive also been pitching for four years, and have become really good at it! Me getting 275 strikeouts in just one season makes me glow with pride because not many people can get 275 strikeouts in one season. My coach said that when she was my age, she only got like 50 strikeouts. Most people get like 50-100. So i feel special! I had about maybe 7-10 no-hitter games. Thats when throughout the whole game, no one got a single hit off of me. (: Which is cool! And i had one perfect game in that season. A perfect game is where no one got on base, and i struck every girl out. I love that i had one perfect game because, at age 12? You dont really hear of girls that young getting perfect games. So i kind of feel like one of a kind. (:

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Count Out Three.

I visted various different blogs about different things. One blog was about compasion, and how if you see someone suffering from anything, go and help them. Dont be that person that just stands there watching and doing nothing to help. The examply they gave me was how a group of haitians in haiti three days after the earthquake they were still looking for survivors and they found a six year old boy still alive. And another blog was about how math is all around us. Now ive never really thought about it, but if you really think about it, you use math EVERY DAY, for everything! Now since math is my favorite subject, i think thats super cool how we use math in every day things. (:


If i had to choose at least one place to visit, it would probably be Paris.(: Id probably want to visit Paris because i want to learn more about the culture, foods, people, and the language. I hear that Paris is really romantic, so if i ever visit in the future i hope its with someone i care about alot.<3 And if i ever went i would LOVE to visit the Eifle Tower.(: If i went, do you think it would be hard for me to understand there accent, or their language.? I really like Italian food, i think its delicious! I would probably visit some of the major monuments, and museums and stuff. If you live in Paris, do you have any suggestions for places i should visit? Where and what to eat? Write back soon!! Id love to know more about wonderful Paris.<3

My Community. :D

My community is in the U.S.A in the wonderful state of Nebraska.(: I would recommend you to visit the zoo. It has a TON of animals, and you could spend a whoooole day there and never get bored! If you ever catch yourself in Nebraska, make sure you go to a Husker football game in the capitol, Lincoln. The college football games are such a blast! and everyone is so energetice and loud. Most everyone here speaks english. You might have to know a little spanish, but most everyone understands english. If you love hot summers, come here! we can have blazing hot summers some years, and if you love cold chilly winters, Nebraska’s the place.(: but if you come for the winter, bring alot of warm clothes. and the summer gets hottttttt! Do you have hot summers and freezing winters in your community.? How many people live there? Whats funn to do there? write back soon.(:

Apps on the Ipad!!

The top 10 apps I liked on the ipad were:    1. Game of Life- because it’s just like the board game and its really fun to play.    2. Motion Math- it’s a game that has to do with math and there’s different levels, i like it because my favorite subject is math and its a math app.    3. Glow Doodle- you can draw then make it glow, i like to draw! (:    4. Illusions- it really messed with your mind sometimes and its really cool.    5. Muncher- its a math app. and it kind of reminds me of pac man, which is fun!    6. SumStacker- which is, of course, a math app! (: its were you have to sort the dice to match the total.    7. Slice It!- a math app again.(: you slice the numbers.    8. Multiples- it times you and you have to find all the multiples.    9. Boggle- you have to find words in a jumble of different letters.    10. MeMoves- it’s suppose to be a game for children 7 and younger, but i like to play it.!(: all you do is you basically paint to the rythm of the song. i tend to be a little kid sometimes..(:

my passion.<3


My passion is playing sports. Softball in particular. I love to play softball. The pride and joy you get when you hit a line drive, or the excitement of when you slide into homeplate and get the winning score. The positions I play are catcher and pitcher. The team that inspires me the most is the USA team. Jenny Fintch, a pitcher, is a GREAT influence on my life because it makes me want to become a better at pitcher. I think the main reason why I love softball so much is because i find it to be mostly a mental sport. You have to be totally into the game when your playing or else you wont win. You cant let anything distract you. You have to stay in your game! If your having lots of mistakes, think positive. You can do it. If you dont have a passion to play it, then why play? If your not mentally ready for the sport, then why play? If you dont enjoy the sport, then why play?

Softball isnt just a sport, its a passion.(:

Digital Dossier(:

Sites that i’ve joined are YouTube, Facebook, Aol, maybe some more. The information i usually give them are like my name, birthday, how old i am, if i live in the USA, email address, and what sex i am. I have filled in more than the astrick questions a couple of times.

When i googled my name i found it had sights from Norfolk Public Schools, information when i went to my elementary, middle, and junior high school, then it had Facebook stuff. I dont really often go on the internet to look at sports, if i use google, its to look someting up for schoool or something. I get most of my information from Facebook, from like talking to people and stuff. And i think that i leave behind alot of footprints because im always on Facebook talking to people and then i listen to music on YouTube.

Are SunChips bags to loud!?


In April of 2009 the SunChips company introduced a biodegradable bag for the snack. They made the bag from plants, not plastic, and could break down from compost, thinking that this would make a big marketing effort to play up its environmentally friendly nature. Sounds perfectly fine right? Well costomers are complaining that the bag is TOO LOUD. The stiffly material that the bag gives off, measured in decibels, is compared to be as noisy as a busy city street. Because of this critisism, it forced the company to switch back to the original bags for most of the flavors in the month of October.

The company then found that the adhesive they used to seal the two layers of the bag together – one which protects the food on the inside, and another which includes the logo and lables on the outside – is created a sort of noise barrier.

It sounds like SunChips is making an awesome effort to go green right? But by doing this, the bag is TOO noisy. What do you think that they should do? Keep the bag, but improve it so it’s less noiser? Or get ride of the bag totally and go back to original? Please comment.(: