Pride in myself meme.

This is a student blogging challenge that you have to describe on thing that you have done that makes you glow with pride. Here’s a link to the blogging challenge.

One thing that i have done that makes me glow with pride, is that last summer i had 275 strikeouts in the whole season. I play for an organization called Golden Girls. This is my fourth year playing, and i love the sport. (: Ive also been pitching for four years, and have become really good at it! Me getting 275 strikeouts in just one season makes me glow with pride because not many people can get 275 strikeouts in one season. My coach said that when she was my age, she only got like 50 strikeouts. Most people get like 50-100. So i feel special! I had about maybe 7-10 no-hitter games. Thats when throughout the whole game, no one got a single hit off of me. (: Which is cool! And i had one perfect game in that season. A perfect game is where no one got on base, and i struck every girl out. I love that i had one perfect game because, at age 12? You dont really hear of girls that young getting perfect games. So i kind of feel like one of a kind. (:

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