If i had to choose at least one place to visit, it would probably be Paris.(: Id probably want to visit Paris because i want to learn more about the culture, foods, people, and the language. I hear that Paris is really romantic, so if i ever visit in the future i hope its with someone i care about alot.<3 And if i ever went i would LOVE to visit the Eifle Tower.(: If i went, do you think it would be hard for me to understand there accent, or their language.? I really like Italian food, i think its delicious! I would probably visit some of the major monuments, and museums and stuff. If you live in Paris, do you have any suggestions for places i should visit? Where and what to eat? Write back soon!! Id love to know more about wonderful Paris.<3

3 thoughts on “Paris.<3

  1. Hello Kaylani,

    I think Paris would be great place to visit too.
    I think I read somewhere Paris have fine museums… Oh, and nice blog theme.


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