My Community. :D

My community is in the U.S.A in the wonderful state of Nebraska.(: I would recommend you to visit the zoo. It has a TON of animals, and you could spend a whoooole day there and never get bored! If you ever catch yourself in Nebraska, make sure you go to a Husker football game in the capitol, Lincoln. The college football games are such a blast! and everyone is so energetice and loud. Most everyone here speaks english. You might have to know a little spanish, but most everyone understands english. If you love hot summers, come here! we can have blazing hot summers some years, and if you love cold chilly winters, Nebraska’s the place.(: but if you come for the winter, bring alot of warm clothes. and the summer gets hottttttt! Do you have hot summers and freezing winters in your community.? How many people live there? Whats funn to do there? write back soon.(:

3 thoughts on “My Community. :D

  1. KP !
    you of course would just write about how hot and cold it gets here haha , if you haven’t figured out who this is it’s Tierra !(: i lovee youu ! write back !!
    – Tierra .(:

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