Apps on the Ipad!!

The top 10 apps I liked on the ipad were:    1. Game of Life- because it’s just like the board game and its really fun to play.    2. Motion Math- it’s a game that has to do with math and there’s different levels, i like it because my favorite subject is math and its a math app.    3. Glow Doodle- you can draw then make it glow, i like to draw! (:    4. Illusions- it really messed with your mind sometimes and its really cool.    5. Muncher- its a math app. and it kind of reminds me of pac man, which is fun!    6. SumStacker- which is, of course, a math app! (: its were you have to sort the dice to match the total.    7. Slice It!- a math app again.(: you slice the numbers.    8. Multiples- it times you and you have to find all the multiples.    9. Boggle- you have to find words in a jumble of different letters.    10. MeMoves- it’s suppose to be a game for children 7 and younger, but i like to play it.!(: all you do is you basically paint to the rythm of the song. i tend to be a little kid sometimes..(:

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